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Our Story

Frank Mac’s is for the scallywags, sparra farts, urchins, beggars, scarlet ladies, drunkards, hanger-on to the bordellos, thrice-bankrupt, speculators, discharged bartenders, disgraced politicians, play-out horse jockeys, fraudulent auctioneers and antique traders much older than the goods they ply, scoundrels, gamblers and card sharks, loafers, rascals, divil skins, rowdies and characters of every shade and grade of villainy. Not to mention minor royalty, sly grog queens, jailbirds, intellectuals, disk jockeys, popular musicians, and of course, in honour of the legend that was Frank Mac (RIP).

Frank Mac’s offers one of the largest botanical collections in Sydney.

Frank Mac’s offers one of the biggest botanical collections in Sydney.
100+ juniper blends have been sourced from all corners of the globe with the list including international award-winning favourites through to smaller boutique distillers. The cocktail list is predominantly gin-based and any ingredients which can be produced by our talented team of mixologists.

We look forward to welcoming you in to experience our extensive gin list, crafted cocktails and heritage charm.

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